devil dogz cod gaming clan
  • Devil Dogz CoD2: Server is Running The Latest eXtreme Mod V29 with additional Devil Dogz Tweaks – Please feel free to join our Teamspeak if you have any questions…
  • Modern Weapons: We are currently using the new modern weapons on some maps along with the standard Bolts Only maps. All weapons have been modded by Devil Dogz
  • Specialty Store items: Health, Ammo, Knife, Supernade, Vest, Beartrap, Monkey Bomb, PDB, BOL, Stealth, Tactial Insertion, Surface Penetrating Bullets, Flak Gun, Guided Missile Launcher, Security Cam, UAV, Sentry Gun, UGV, Quadrotor Sentry Guard, Gunship, Helicopter Support….
  • eXtreme+ v3.0 ALPHA
    Working towards eXtreme+ v3.0 FINAL, here is the alpha version


    Battlefield WW1 Official Reveal Trailer

    Official Call of Duty Black Ops III Eclipse Multiplayer Trailer

    Black Ops III – Eclipse DLC Zombie Shima Trailer

    Old School COD4 rob-wiz : The Canadian Sensation

    • WMD’s Arty Quick Bind Callouts, add to your config

      Just add these to your config_mp.cfg

      bind F5 “say_team Arty Our House”
      bind F6 “say_team Arty There House”
      bind F7 “say_team Arty Our Flag”
      bind F8 “say_team Arty There Flag”

      bind kp_uparrow “say_team Arty North”
      bind kp_rightarrow “say_team Arty East”
      bind kp_downarrow “say_team Arty South”
      bind kp_leftarrow “say_team Arty West”
      bind kp_pgup “say_team Arty North East”
      bind kp_home “say_team Arty North West”
      bind kp_end “say_team Arty South West”
      bind kp_pgdn “say_team Arty South East”
      bind kp_5 “say_team Arty Mid”

      Example of a Bind for Specials

      bind 5 “openScriptMenu quickspecials 0”

      Download Binds

    • Call of Duy 2 Patch V1.3 Download

      Download cod2 patch v1.3 which is needed to play on our server

      Download Patch

    • CoD2 Windows 7 & 8 config_mp location

      WINDOWS 7:

      C:Program Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty 2main
      C:Program Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty 2mainplayers
      C:Program Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty 2DD29cplayers

      WINDOWS 8:

      C:UsersShermanAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty 2mainplayers
      C:UsersShermanAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty 2DD29cplayers

      If you mod your config file, place it in both the main players folder & our mods DD29C players folder…DD29C is our currently running modified version of the extreme mod…

      *Important* Right click on properties and make sure in the Attributes area that you place a check in the Read-Only Box when you are done changing your config, this will save your setting from getting auto changed to defaults when your cod2 crashes, it will keep your custom setting..!!!

      Download My Current Config File

      View My Current Config File

    It saddens me to announce the untimely death of our beloved friend Kenneth Galley aka {DD}Droopalong on February 22, 2016 Ken was a member here from the beginning in 2006 everyone loved Droop he will be greatly missed by all of us
    gfm_logo_470pxMy father, Ken Galley, passed away this past Monday. We’re asking our friends and family for assistance covering his funeral expenses. Thank you.
    -Brian Galley

    If anyone would like to send flowers or a card to Droops family here is the info, they would love to hear from his DD family.!

    MONTVILLE, NJ, 07045